About Afrizal

About Afrizal

hello, I'm Afrizal. I am a web developer who focuses on the backend, for example: REST API. And I'm also a fan of Linux distro distributions that are open source. Besides that I also like things related to computer networks, such as: Cloud, networking, VM. I come from the city of Surabaya, East Java Province, Indonesia.


Vocational High School
Majoring in computer and network engineering
SMK Antartika, Surabaya, EastJava, Indonesia

Undergraduate Programs
Majoring in Informatic Enginnering
Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur, Surabaya, EastJava, Indonesia

I Know, I do, I like

Junior Networking

I have known computer networks since elementary school. Where in the past I studied computer networks in an internet cafe, and I accidentally logged in the network, a little nosy changing the network configuration. That's where I began to deepen computer network science


I have known the cloud since I started vocational high school. Outside of school hours I sometimes learn about cloud technology whether it's about deployment, web server, and more. And in the future I will deepen about the cloud, for example the API obtained from the cloud for the face recognition process, I implement it through the web and mobile.

Backend Developer

I learned and deepened about backend developers since vocational high school. outside of school time I learned about backend, I used to learn to use the PHP & Python programming language. In PHP I deepened about OOP, PDO after that I used a framework like Laravel, CodeIgniter. In Python I deepened about OOP, Asynchronous after that I used a framework like Flask, Django. in this college I will learn about docker containers.

Linux Enthusiast

I am a big fan of the Linux operating system. Because of what? because Linux is open source and runs on any device. My laptop uses the Ubuntu distro that I use to work on projects. Because this OS is easier to use and I like it more than others.


Pondok benowo indah, Surabaya
east java, Indonesia 60197

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